Meet Jacqué Benjamin

VNA HR Systems Project Manager

In her relatively two short years at the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA), Jacqué Benjamin, HR Systems Project Manager, has had her hand in many HR-related pots, including onboarding, training and development, benefits, employee relations, credentialling, and compliance. Her most notable, and most recent project, is the UKG payroll and HR system transition.

As the HR stakeholder on the project, Jacqué has been a crucial piece of the transition team. “Technology is exciting,” she says and talks about how she has enjoyed learning about and being a part of the process that has changed the organization from a payroll and human resources perspective. “Paying people correctly and on time, making sure benefits are administered correctly, and streamlining these functions are important to me and our entire department,” says Jacqué.

As someone who believes strongly in personal development both at work and at home, she challenges herself to read books, listen to podcasts, and watch videos pertaining to human resources to enhance her knowledge about topics she encounters daily. Key themes such as listening, relationship management, and the importance of empathy are valuable skills for everyone to hone, and especially when empowering employees. Jacqué says, “We not only support our employees from a work perspective, but with things that are happening at home or personal issues. We are people advocates first and strive to ensure that everyone in the company has what they need to be successful.”

Before Jacqué hits the office, you’ll find her at her 6AM kickboxing class or weight training. “It’s my therapy,” she says. After work, you’ll find her enjoying her three daughters and fifteen grandchildren, of which only three are boys!