Communicating With Your Palliative Care Team

VNA Care Choices provides supportive palliative care services in the home. While in the VNA Care Choices program, patients may continue to receive curative or aggressive treatment from their providers. Since palliative care programs like VNA Care Choices typically involve multiple care team members, from your primary care providers to our team of professionals, it’s important to communicate clearly with all parties.

In the VNA Care Choices program, you will have access to a dedicated care team to manage pain and other symptoms along with spiritual, social, and emotional support.

Your care team will include the following professionals:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Chaplain
  • Volunteers
  • Palliative Care Physician for consultation as needed

Forming a good relationship with the palliative care team is important as it allows for open discussion of questions that span controlling symptoms to managing fears and uncertainty. Your team will be with you every step of the way and are there to help answer questions or clear up any confusion you may have.

It’s important that when you have questions about any of the services we provide, you feel the freedom to ask. Our care team never wants you or your loved ones to be confused or concerned about treatments or the care plan at any step of the way. Additionally, you know your situation better than anyone. If you or your loved one have been experiencing abnormal symptoms, are experiencing new pain or changes in behavior, it’s really important that you share those things with your care team. Every little piece of information you provide can help your care team better understand what you’re feeling, what you need and which treatments should be considered.

The care team is always looking for valuable insights into a patient’s health, whether that information comes from the patients themselves, or from their family members. Our care team recognizes that family members are a critical part of a patient’s care journey. From discussing what to expect in the beginning stages, to walking through the care routine, equipment management and more, the care team is readily available to assist family members and answer your questions along the way.

It is most important to remember that no detail is too big or too small to communicate. Your communication with your care team is crucial and may even help determine aspects of your care plan such as which treatments to continue or even frequency of doctor visits. If you have a question, big or small, asking that question could not only provide you with some peace of mind, but it could help provide answers for the care team as well.

You have the right, by law, to choose your palliative caregiver and if you choose Visiting Nurse Association, we promise to keep an open channel of communication with you from the very start. If you’re interested in partnering with Visiting Nurse Association as your palliative partner, Visiting Nurse Association will provide the quality of care that you know you can trust. Please contact Visiting Nurse Association directly at or call 1(800) CALL-VNA, or let your physician know that you request Visiting Nurse Association as your palliative provider.