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End Your Year on a Generous Note

For most of us, 2015 was a year of financial ups and downs. So you may feel a bit unsure about the possibility of making a year-end gift to VNA. Fear not—we've assembled a group of gifts that can work for anyone. Whatever your charitable goals or priorities, you have options to support VNA today and into the future.

Make a Difference Tomorrow With a Gift in Your Will

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a gift in your will or living trust, known as a bequest, is one of the simplest, most straightforward ways to support our work. A bequest can work for almost everyone for two reasons:

  1. It provides flexibility. A bequest lets you balance your loyalty to VNA with your concerns about living expenses, future medical costs and loved ones. Because you're not actually parting with assets today, you don't need to worry about what might happen if you need those assets down the road. A bequest in your will can be changed at any point up until your death, so you have the option to change your mind at any time.
  2. It lets you be sensible in your commitment. It's impossible to predict the value of your estate down the road. But bequests can also be made as a percentage of your estate. This option ensures that your estate can benefit charitable organizations like VNA and loved ones in relative proportion.

Make a Difference Today With an Outright Gift

If you'd like to make an immediate difference for those we serve, you can make an outright gift to VNA using these three options:

  1. Give cash. In exchange for a gift of cash, you receive an income tax charitable deduction for the full value of the gift up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income.
  2. Donate stocks, mutual funds or real estate. Even if these types of assets have lost value, for tax purposes they are still appreciated if their current value is more than what you originally paid for them. If you've owned them for more than one year, you may deduct the full fair market value of the property up to 30 percent of your AGI. You also eliminate paying capital gains tax on the appreciation, thus reducing the out-of-pocket cost of your gift.
  3. Contribute personal property. Perhaps you have tangible items, such as artwork or other collectibles, that you would like to give to VNA. Please contact us so that we can help you determine the charitable deductions for your personal property gift.

We Can Help

We're happy to discuss these and other options with you and we're here to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact Chris Culak at (214) 689-2601  or culakc@vnatexas.org today.

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