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The Care Team

"VNA Hospice Care staff were amazing, very caring, and they were genuine in that caring. We got close very quickly and I felt like I could call them at any moment, and I did a lot of times."

- Kelly
Family Member of a VNA Hospice Care Patient

Hospice is provided through a care team, a group of professionals working together to meet all the patient's needs. They also provide any necessary palliative (pain-controlling) drugs and therapies, medical supplies and equipment, relieving the patient and family members of those concerns.

The VNA Hospice Care Team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help guide patients and their loved ones through every question and concern. Our highly qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, hospice aides, social workers, chaplains and volunteers work as a team with your current doctor to provide care that meets the medical, psychological, social, spiritual and practical needs of patients and families.

Primary Caregiver: The primary caregiver, typically a family member or close friend of the patient, is the most vital member of the care team. Because home hospice entails hospice staff visiting intermittently, the primary caregiver is responsible for the patient the rest of the time.

Physician: The patient's doctor approves the care plan and works with the care team. In most cases, the primary care physician turns the care over to the hospice doctors – though of course remains a part of the care process.

Hospice Staff: Hospice staff prepare, train, guide and support the caregiver(s) throughout the hospice experience to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. The staff will help set up a place in the home where care is easiest to give.

Hospice Nurses: Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) are the patient's main medical caregiver(s) and report his or her ongoing health condition directly to the doctor.

Social Worker: A social worker will be your family's connection to help you access any needed community services and offer emotional and counseling support during the process.

Hospice Aides: Certified Hospice Aides may help with bathing, grooming or other personal care services. Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapists: These hospice specialists often help patients improve or recover basic life skills they may have lost over time, like walking, dressing, eating or speaking. It's not uncommon for patients to actually feel better in some ways once they begin hospice.

Chaplains & Counselors: Clergy and other spiritual counselors are available to provide comfort and support. VNA Hospice Care is able to provide spiritual counseling for all faiths and creeds.

Trained Volunteers: Volunteers offer compassionate support, give the primary caregiver(s) needed breaks and can be there just to sit and listen.

Bereavement Support: Everyone goes through a period of mourning following a loss. The VNA Hospice Care team will work with surviving family members to help them through the grieving process, for a year or more.