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“Every day, thousands of seniors go without food in Dallas County.  It’s not because we don’t have the capacity to feed them, but because we don’t have the resources.  You can help us change that.”

–Katherine Krause
VNA President & CEO

VNA Meals on Wheels provides hot, nutritious, freshly prepared meals to over 4,000 home-bound Texans in Dallas County who can’t provide for themselves due to illness, advanced age or disability. It’s a remarkable undertaking, and we’re very proud of the difference we make. 

Why we need your help:

Currently, more than 2,500 qualifying seniors have requested meals but are not being served due to lack of funding and volunteer support.  Sadly, based on current statistics, we can only expect this number to grow. That means VNA must grow too – just as we have been doing for decades.

Over the past forty years, VNA Meals on Wheels has expanded with the needs around us – from serving 125 meals a day in 1973 to more than 4,000 today. With an understanding that needs would continue to grow, we built VNA Haggerty Kitchen with the capacity to prepare 12,000 meals daily.

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Volunteer with VNA Meals on Wheels:

Deliver Meals: Volunteers not only serve as the eyes and ears for VNA Meals on Wheels, they also help improve our delivery efficiency. It costs $1,500 to feed a senior for an entire year. For every route a volunteer delivers in lieu of a paid driver, VNA can save enough money to feed a new senior for an entire week!  VNA Meals on Wheels volunteer drivers deliver once a week, once a month, or through their employer's Day of Caring Program. The volunteer delivers in their own vehicle of any size and VNA Meals on Wheels creates geographically compact, efficient routes that provide an easy and rewarding way to serve our homebound seniors.

Days of Caring: In as little as three hours one morning, your group can engage in a team-building opportunity while they deliver meals to homebound, hungry seniors. Whether you have a group of three or thousands, you are sure to have a great experience while you help fight senior hunger. You tell VNA what morning works for you (Monday through Friday), and we will set aside the number of meal delivery routes you need anywhere in Dallas County. You can choose just one day or schedule your employees over several days or weeks. A brief training is held at 10 a.m. at the VNA Haggerty Center in central Dallas. And, if you have more than 80 participants on your volunteer team (broken into teams of two), we will come to you! To get started, please contact Kim Peters at

Holiday gift/toiletry drive:The VNA Holiday Gift Project provides holiday gift bags stuffed with full-size toiletry items (shampoo, lotion, soap, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, tube socks) to thousands of VNA Meals on Wheels clients & VNA Hospice patients. A few times a year (once in summer and twice in December), VNA hosts on-site wrapping and sorting events where volunteers individually wrap each item and assemble them in decorated gift bags. For many of those VNA serves, this is the only gift they will receive during the holiday season.

Pet Care Program: VNA is proud to share the news about the recent launch of our Pet Food program. Donations will be accepted year round, and will be delivered to clients on selected Saturdays year-round. VNA relies upon members of the community for monetary donations, gift cards and food donations.

Collection Drives: For the elderly on a limited income, extremes of temperature can be very dangerous. VNA organizes box fan drives for summer distribution and small/portable space heaters and/or quilts/blankets for winter distribution.

Special Projects: Are you interested in helping VNA Meals on Wheels serve the elderly and disabled population but can’t deliver? We have occasional projects that can be completed after business hours. Special projects include assembling shelf stable/emergency meals for distribution to our clients during the spring and summer months, writing a happy and inspiring message on “Positive Placemats,” or creating colorful, handmade greeting cards to brighten up VNA’s clients’ holidays throughout the year.