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Anne Muse Poem

Anne Muse, A Life of Service

A life begun with persistence and hard work,
The struggle of putting one’s self through college,
When race and gender were high hurdles,
And hard work was not just the classes,
Earning the wages to make the dream come true.

Accomplishment of a degree in social work,
A career spent in service to others.
A tradition of caring for friends and neighbors,
To fill the heart, to share a life.
And that life of service never ends.

The wisdom acquired through the years adds up,
Learning to talk less and listen more,
Learning to age with dignity,
As physical ability diminishes,
But a life of service continues.

Each day filled with ways to make others smile,
To greet those who now serve her,
With a smile, kind word, a message of gratitude,
Continuing to live a life of service,
Inspiring others to serve as she did.

There is no greater legacy,
Of loving one another,
Our hearts, our minds, our spirits,
Live on in the joy we share,
The life of service.