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Truly Understanding Hospice

a word few truly understand

Hospice is a word many know but few truly understand. For the nurses, aides, social workers, and chaplains who work with hospice patients—those facing terminal illness—and their families, there is only one way to explain hospice: it’s a gift. As the oldest hospice agency in the state of Texas, VNA has many stories of this “gift” and how special it can be.

Recently, VNA Hospice Care nurses and staff cared for a patient whose wife was especially grateful for the care and comfort provided to her husband. Gwenn Dalton, RN said, “It was my honor to be present at that time in this family’s journey. It was evident that this patient was so loved by his family.” Following his passing, the nurses who cared for him were invited to attend his funeral services and were presented with a special gift of their own. Mrs. Smith handmade quilts for the nurses as a token of her appreciation for the care they had shown her husband. It was clear these nurses made an impact on the family with their kindness, compassion and care.

The “gift” of hospice goes both ways. The nurses provided reassurance and comfort during a difficult time for this family. The impression left on Mrs. Smith was apparent and meant a great deal to these nurses. “This was such an honor to me,” said Beverly Neal, RN. And Gwenn went on to say, “I was very surprised and I will cherish it always.”