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VNA Meals on Wheels: More Than A Meal

Whether you live in Dallas, Texas or Lame Deer, Montana, chances are you have heard of Meals on Wheels. However, few are aware of the full benefit of the program. VNA Meals on Wheels is more than a meal … it’s social nutrition!

Every weekday, hundreds of VNA volunteers and paid drivers visit the homes of more than 4,000 homebound and hungry seniors, bringing them nutritious, freshly prepared hot meals and a warm smile, creating meaningful and lasting relationships. VNA staff and volunteers continuously go above and beyond to help meet not only the nutritional needs of our clients, but also provide the social connection that is critical to our clients’ health and well-being.

Most of our VNA Meals on Wheels clients are lonely and rarely receive visitors. If not for VNA Meals on Wheels, they might go days without talking to another person. That’s why each daily meal delivery comes with a friendly visit from a caring VNA volunteer or staff member who not only take the time to chat, but also to look around and make sure the senior is doing well. People are often surprised to learn how many times our staff and volunteers are the first to notice when a senior needs medical attention or when there is something in the home that needs repair like a water leak or broken air conditioner. VNA Meals on Wheels proudly serves as the thoughtful neighbor and loving family our seniors desperately need.

VNA’s Case Coordinator April Burns spends her busy mornings working hard to ensure VNA Meals on Wheels is provided to thousands of hungry seniors here in Dallas County. During her busiest time of day, she still finds time to welcome calls from numerous VNA Meals on Wheels clients who now consider April a dear friend. Visitors to VNA Haggerty Center who overhear April’s phone conversations often think she is talking to a grandparent due to her loving tone and caring interest in the life of the individual on the other end of the line. In fact, several VNA Meals on Wheels clients call April daily to chat about our menu, which of their favorite volunteers will be delivering their meal that day or just to inform April who won on “The Price is Right”! Close relationships like April’s may sound unnecessary to some, but are an instrumental part of ensuring that those we serve are doing well physically, mentally and emotionally.

VNA is so very thankful to the countless volunteers and staff who make it their personal mission to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Without their support, and the vital support of our donors, thousands of seniors – many who helped build this great country as part of our Greatest Generation – would not receive the care they need to survive.

If you would like volunteer once a month or more to deliver food and friendship, email VNA at