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Building heartfelt relationship

VNA Hospice volunteer Stephanie explains.  Stephanie and her daughter Gabriella volunteer with VNA’s hospice program once a week. They visit with seniors in a local nursing home—who often don’t have family near to visit with them.

“I treat them just as if they were my mom or grandparents,”

Stephenie & Gabby VNA Hospice Volunteers

Stepheni and Gabriella visit with Ruth every Sunday for a few hours. As you walk into Ruth’s room, you’ll find two hand painted photos Gabriella painted for Ruth. One of a puppy and another is a rose with a blue background. Both photos hang on the wall near Ruth’s bed. Ruth is excited about how cute they are. But that’s not all Stepheni and Gabriella have for Ruth. They play games, watch the TV, most recently the Royal Wedding was Ruth’s favorite to watch and talk about memories with their families. Ruth tells VNA she was a phone operator back in the day and having to manage all the connections was difficult—but she enjoyed it. Her husband passed away a few years ago. Ruth smiles and says, “Stephanie and Gabriella treat me like I am one of them. They’re like my family.”

You can tell Stephanie and Gabriella have formed a heartfelt relationship with Ruth. Ruth has called Gabriella her granddaughter—from once a stranger to now considered family.

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