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One More Journey

For Murry McCammon, his life truly began in 1948 in Columbia, Missouri. That’s when he was in college and attended a dance at the student union. He didn’t have a date, but he noticed a beautiful redhead dancing with someone else. He cut in.

That was in February. By September, they were married.

"When you see what you want, why should you wait?"

Murry said with a smile at his wife of 67 years. Murry didn’t wait. He was in motion his whole life.

Right out of college he took a job with 3M, quickly climbing the corporate ladder and, as he did so, moving from city to city to city. Along the way, his family grew from two to four, as he and Carolyn welcomed two daughters and settled in Dallas in 1964, where they began to put down roots.

“3M had a tendency to move people around a lot,” Murry said. “They wanted to move me to New York, but I didn’t want to go. They wanted to move me to Detroit back in 1966, but I didn’t want to go there either.” Murry wanted his family to have a chance to settle in one place, which meant he had a decision to make.

“Ultimately, I had supreme confidence in my ability to do a good job in anything I undertook,”

Murry said. So, when 3M wanted to move him again, this time to Minnesota, he decided to quit. He and Carolyn took their savings and used it to launch their own wholesale furniture business.

Murry’s confidence was well-placed. The business was a success. His family stayed in Dallas, but true to themselves, they didn’t stay still. Murry and Carolyn were active in the community, taking part in numerous social clubs, book clubs and other activities. But their real passion was for travel. First as a family, then – once their daughters were grown – just the two of them, Murry and Carolyn traveled the world. They visited 43 different countries, only rarely returning to one they had seen before. Their passport pages were black with stamps from places like Italy, India, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Japan.

“The world is an amazing place,” Murry said. “There’s always more to see, and I think we owe it to ourselves to experience it.” One of their vacations was a months-long trip around the world, on which Murry met a younger man, an investor who eventually bought the furniture business.

All journeys must end, and when Murry became ill, he and Carolyn came back to the house they’d had in Dallas for 52 years. Murry’s life had left him with no shortage of friends, and when several of them recommended VNA Hospice Care, he was – as always – confident in his choice.

“I’ve been very pleased with VNA Hospice Care and with everyone who has come out here,” Murry said. “They’ve all been very informative, very helpful.”

Carolyn, as Murry’s primary caretaker, felt much the same way. “We’re so very happy with VNA Hospice Care. They’ve done so many things to help out,” she said, pointing to a hospital bed that was just delivered the day before. “They’ve done so many wonderful things we weren’t expecting. They’ve managed to make this easier.”

After three months on VNA Hospice Care, Murry left for his last journey. He was never going to stay still too long.