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VNA Renews Accreditation from the National Institute For Jewish Hospice

Texas’ Oldest, Most Experienced and Trusted Hospice Earns National Accreditation

This month, VNA renewed its National Accreditation from the National Institute For Jewish Hospice (NIJH). The accreditation links VNA Hospice Care with NIJH which provides staff training, insights on treating terminally-ill Jewish patients, access to resources and education about Jewish customs and practices that may arise while caring for a hospice patient who is Jewish. VNA has been NIJH-accredited for three years.

“VNA has a long history of partnering with the Jewish community,” stated VNA’s President and CEO Katherine Krause. “VNA was founded by a compassionate Jewish woman named Sadie Lefkowitz and the caring hearts of Temple Emanu-El,” Krause continued. “We are honored to receive the National Accreditation from the National Institute for Jewish Hospice.”

VNA Hospice Care focuses on living life to its fullest and treating patients with the dignity and respect they deserve. VNA Hospice Care is the oldest, most experienced and trusted hospice provider in Texas. Their highly qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, hospice aides, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers work as a team with each patient’s current doctor to provide care that meets the medical, psychological, social, spiritual, and practical needs of patients and families. VNA Hospice Care helps reduce anxiety by enhancing the patient’s quality of life and enabling them and their loved ones to make the most of the time they have together.

As a nonprofit agency with more than 80 years of history, VNA’s bottom line is patient care. VNA develops a comprehensive care plan uniquely designed to meet each individual person’s culture, values, and beliefs. The end-of-life care provided by VNA Hospice Care can be the most important time in an individual’s life. Terminally ill patients often feel like they are losing control – VNA helps give them back the control they need by providing the necessary freedom to live their days as they wish in a pain-free, loving environment.