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Every day, VNA helps thousands of North Texans age with dignity. We love hearing from those we touch and how VNA has made a difference in their life. Below are various quotes and testimonials from our wonderful clients and patients, as well as staff and volunteers.

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VNA Hospice Care Testimonials

"VNA Hospice Care staff were amazing, very caring, and they were genuine in that caring. We got close very quickly and I felt like I could call them at any moment, and I did a lot of times."

— Kelly, Family Member of a VNA Hospice Care Patient

"No one should face a terminal diagnosis alone, and families should not be left without help. VNA Hospice Care was the compassionate friend we needed."

Joan, Loving Wife of a VNA Hospice Care Patient

"A lot of what happens to people toward the end of their lives is that they lose control. [Hospice is] all about giving people alternatives, options, and freedom — giving patients and families the opportunity to choose where they want to die and how they want to die. Giving people back that control is really very important."

— Bert, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

"Hospice improved my husband's quality of life before he died. That was important to me. I was able to still communicate with my husband, and that was a great comfort to me."

— Gayle, Loving Wife of a VNA Hospice Care Patient

"Hospice is really human. It's not a building, it's not a place ... It's a team to support you. Like a second family."

– Franklin, Family Member of a VNA Hospice Care Patient

VNA Meals on Wheels Client Testimonials

"I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you. You all do such a wonderful job all year long … to make sure we are served at least one hot and balanced meal a day."

- Molly, VNA Meals on Wheels Client

Behind the front door of the small, wood-frame house where she has lived since 1969, 75-year-old Lola struggles to get by on her own. Recently returning home after three months of hospitalization and rehabilitation, she is finally able to get around inside her house, though slowly and with great care. Lola's sister occasionally stops in to check on her, as does a niece. But during the long interims between visits, Lola has only her cats as company. Until recently, that is, when VNA Meals on Wheels volunteers began coming to Lola's door every weekday. Here is a note from Lola about VNA Meals on Wheels: "That doorbell ringing is a welcome sound. Mary and the other Meals on Wheels delivery people are so nice. I get a hot, balanced meal, with two vegetables, that I could not prepare for myself. It's comforting to have them stop by every day."

90-year-old Shirley still lives in her own house and stays busy through artwork. Shirley's health issues, a heart condition and arthritis, have confined her to a wheelchair for the past 8 years. Remaining independent is important for Shirley, as it is for many seniors. Here is a note from Shirley about VNA Meals on Wheels: "I hope I never have to move into a 'home. It's nice to think that people think about those of us who are old and alone. It's a wonderful thing they're doing."

Why I Give:

"We give to VNA because of the impact our donation makes in our community! From providing meals to elderly and lonely seniors, to providing much needed hospice care, this invisible population is forgotten by many. We know that every dollar given to VNA is spent carefully and diligently providing the best meals and care available in Dallas."

- Lori & Warren Whitlow, VNA Donors

"When my mother – who suffered from Alzheimer's – needed hospice care, I was given a long list of places to call. The only one I recognized was VNA so that's who I contacted. My mother received excellent care and the assigned nurse was so caring, attentive, and attuned to what my mother and my family were going through. It was a very good experience for my family. Because of this personal knowledge and VNA's reputation in the community, I am an enthusiastic supporter of this outstanding organization."

- Sarah Losinger, VNA Donor

Why I Volunteer:

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"Our team at Southwest Airlines has enjoyed delivering VNA Meals on Wheels for over a decade. The most profound thing I find about volunteering for VNA is the fact that for every ONE DAY you volunteer to deliver meals, you save the organization enough money to be able to feed another hungry senior for AN ENTIRE WEEK because they don't have to pay a driver to deliver those meals! I don't think people realize how easy it is to help other people who really need your help. It is truly making a difference and it takes so little to help others ... I highly recommend volunteering for VNA Meals on Wheels!"

- Sharon Rankin, VNA Meals on Wheels Volunteer

"I have been volunteering with VNA for 20 years. My parents spent 6 ½ years in a nursing home – my father had a stroke and couldn't talk or anything and I would just sit with them for hours. After that experience, I just wanted to help others who are going through a similar situation and need someone to lean on. I sit with patients for hours and listen to their stories. It is a great pleasure to me! I enjoy my time with my patients and find joy in knowing that I am there for others during their final stages in life."

- Jimmie McGee, VNA Hospice Care Volunteer


"When I came to VNA I wrote my own employment contract. I agreed to stay three years. It has now been 34 years. A major reason I have been at VNA so long is that I view myself as part businessman, part lawyer and part social worker. VNA has allowed me to be all three. Above all though, my greatest job satisfaction comes from doing my part in the daily fulfillment of VNA's mission of caring and its vision of being the best at helping people age with dignity at home."

- Tom Ricciardelli, VNA Vice President & General Counsel

"I started working for VNA right after graduate school in 1975. I realized early on just how amazing VNA is – my peers who worked for other organizations would often complain about employment issues that I never had to encounter. The integrity in which VNA operates is beyond words. They always do the right thing, in the right way. VNA's ability to provide quality services that meet the needs of the community is unparalleled – I love that! I am proud to wear my VNA badge!"

- Johnnie Turner, VNA Medical Social Worker