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Virginia’s Story

Virginia, a VNA Meals on Wheels client since March of 2015, doesn’t like to get something for nothing. That’s why, every month, she makes a donation to VNA Meals on Wheels.

“I’ve been sending money to them for quite a while,” said Virginia, 89, who is originally from Richardson but has lived most of her adult life in Lancaster. “It’s not much, but I like to help. And it’s good to know where it’s going.”

Donations aren’t the only way Virginia has helped VNA Meals on Wheels. In fact, she used to deliver VNA Meals on Wheels as a volunteer. After she and her husband – who has since passed – retired in 1985, they began regularly volunteering to make deliveries in the Lancaster area. “We really enjoyed volunteering,” Virginia said. “The people would be waiting on us to come, and it was so nice to get to know the families and do good works in the community.”

Doing good works is a serious matter for a devoutly religious family like Virginia’s. Her four children – all sons – carried that forward into their adult lives, each becoming a pastor or leader in their local churches. Though her oldest son has passed away, her other three sons are active as pastors or music directors at their churches in Angleton, Fate and Santo.

In early 2015, Virginia starting thinking she might need to look into VNA Meals on Wheels service for herself. “I got to where I couldn’t get out,” she said. “I couldn’t get to the grocery store. My kids were calling and kept asking me if I had enough food.”

Once Virginia made the call to VNA Meals on Wheels, she started receiving meals almost right away. “It didn’t take long at all to get started,” she said. “Everyone’s been real friendly. It’s good to see a smiling face when you’re by yourself. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these volunteers coming out in the rain and the heat and the cold.”

One of those volunteers, the one who most often delivers to Virginia, is Gayle Barber. “Virginia is a real lady,” Gayle said. “It’s always such a pleasure to see her.”

Virginia feels the same way about Gayle. “She’s my favorite one. She’s always so happy and always takes the time to stop and talk to me when she comes by.”

Now that she’s receiving VNA Meals on Wheels, Virginia understands better why everyone she visited back when she was a volunteer driver was so happy to see her. “It’s hard for me to sit home. I’ve always been real busy, but I can’t do all that anymore. I’m happy for the daily company, but it means more than that too. I don’t have to worry, and it’s a big help to my boys to know I get a good meal. I get to see somebody every day. VNA Meals on Wheels is a real blessing to us all.”