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"I have always been so convinced of the worthwhile contribution that the VNA makes to the community. Over the years, when there's been a void in the community, VNA has filled that void with needed home health care services."

- Beatrice M. Haggerty, (in memory)

In 2005, the VNA headquarters on Mockingbird Lane burned to the ground. Three years later, on that same spot, VNA Haggerty Center opened, not replacing but far surpassing the old facility.

VNA Haggerty Center is rightly famous for its kitchen, but it is more than just that. VNA Haggerty Center is a multi-purpose 21,660 square foot facility that includes the Rees-Jones Foundation Community Room, a boardroom, volunteer training room and offices for both the VNA Meals on Wheels staff and volunteer administrative staff. The VNA Haggerty Kitchen is the largest single Meals on Wheels kitchen in the United States, producing roughly 5,600 hot and nutritious meals every day, with capacity to produce as many as 12,000.

VNA Haggerty Center was named for Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty, whose benevolence to VNA has been passed down through an intergenerational commitment of support. A gifted inventor and businessman, Patrick Haggerty was a co-founder of Texas Instruments, steering the company into becoming the technology giant it became. His wife Bea maintained the home and volunteered much of her time for the betterment of the community, bringing her considerable talents to bear to address the needs of society’s less fortunate. For three decades VNA has been the beneficiary of the generosity of Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty and their children, and it was only right that this new facility bear the name of those who have made so much of VNA’s work possible.

VNA Haggerty Center is located at:

1440 W. Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75247
(214) 689-2639