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Honorary Chairs

Andrea Hagar
Shelley Hudson


Julie and Eric Clark
Catherine and Will Rose

Event Committee

Lydia and Bill Addy
Mary Kathryn Bass
Amy and Brandon Bean
Carrie and Steven Becker
Mary Francis and Tim Bellman
Flauren and Jason Bender
Kathleen and Bob Berry
Lisa and Chuck Brown
Nita and Cullum Clark
Sara Fraser Crismon
Kathy and Harlan Crow
Amy and Sam Dabbous
Natasha and Antal Desai
Betsy and Richard Eiseman
Rebecca and Barron Fletcher
Sarah and Frank Hamlin
Holly and Jim Hands
Linda and Phil Hodgson
Regen Horchow
Amy and Scott Houdek
Amy and Robert Isom
Kirsten and Mike Kerrigan
Eugenia and Frank-Paul King
Leslie and Bob Krakow
Rachel and Brian Ladin
Hallie and Max Lamont
Carol and John Levy
Michelle and Bill Lockhart
Louise and Charles Marsh
Libby and Murray McCabe
Suzanne and Patrick McGee
Astrid Merriman
Jennifer and Jon Mosle
Meaders Ozarow
Stacy and Lawrence Piccagli
Karen and Richard Pollock
Carolyn and Karl Rathjen
Katherine and Eric Reeves
Nicole and Alex Ritcher
Lisa and John Rocchio
Nancy and Steve Rogers
Lizzie and Dan Routman
Deborah and John Scott
Amanda and Charlie Shufeldt
Abigail and Andrew Sinwell
Nicole and Justin Small
Danielle and Chad Stephens
Denice and Dale Swift
Dawne and Pat Tribolet
Gwendolyn and Richard Turcotte
Carol and Ben Vig
Merry and Chad Vose
Sarah and Russell Weinberg
CiCi and Giffen Weinmann
Paula and Charles Wills
Megan and Brady Wood
Michelle and Peery Wood

Past Honorary Chairs

Susan and Stephen Butt
Sara Fraser Crismon
Nancy Dedman
Bess and Ted Enloe
Fanchon and Howard Hallam
Lyda Hill
Caroline Rose Hunt
Liza and Will Lee
Astrid Merriman
Caren Prothro

Past Chairs

Mary Frances Bellman
Becky and Mike Casey
Margaret Collins
Sara Fraser Crismon
Betsy and Richard Eiseman
Katie Johnson
Eugenia King
Francie Mancillas
Helen Nixon
Meaders Ozarow
Karen and Richard Pollock
Catherine Hallam Sweet
Denice Swift
CiCi Weinmann

President and CEO
Katherine Krause

VP, Chief of Strategy and Development
Chris Culak