Dear Olivia, We lost our mom last spring and I am concerned about how we will cope?

Dear Olivia,
We lost our mom last spring to cancer. My family and I are experiencing grief over her passing, and I am concerned about how we will cope. Are there any resources to help us with this grief?

-Grieving Family

Dear Grieving Family,
The loss of a loved one can have an impact long after their passing and especially during the holidays. I encourage you and your family to give yourselves permission to experience the feelings that come with grieving. When you embrace the pain of your loss, it helps you work through your grief. Allow yourselves to think about your mom and to replay memories you shared around the holidays—perhaps keeping some traditions alive and creating some new ones can help.

Talking about your emotions in a safe environment helps to reduce the stress that accompanies grief. VNA’s highly trained staff can help you navigate the grief process through support, education and resources. It can be a great comfort to talk to someone who is familiar with the grief process. Additionally, we hold regular group meetings both in person and online throughout North Texas for those experiencing grief to have a safe place to share and learn together. Resources are also available at and you can email for help.