Ways to Give

Educational Events

VNA is proud of its 89-year history of serving as the community’s trusted provider of aging resources. VNA Nurses and staff regularly hold free informational sessions in our service communities. Topics include: how to provide care for aging loved ones, senior nutrition, estate planning, medical directives, tools and services to maintain independence in the home, and much more. VNA partners with medical institutions, senior communities, faith-based groups, and professional service organizations such as Rotary, to host educational events in order to respond to community needs.

If you are interested in hosting an educational event in partnership with VNA, please contact Jennifer Atwood Austin at (214) 689-2265, jennifer.austin@vnatexas.org

Fundraising Events

Fundraisers produced by community partners generate public awareness and important financial support to VNA Meals on Wheels and VNA Hospice Care programs, ensuring that our senior neighbors can age with dignity at home. Individuals, businesses, corporations, and groups are encouraged to host events and designate VNA as the beneficiary.

Your fundraising event can be a sporting event or tournament, dinner, concert, silent or live auction, yard sale or other event. Past events supporting VNA include a dominos tournament and a community night at a local burger joint. Events are also a great way for school and student groups to learn more about their community while fulfilling service requirements. If you have an idea for a benefit event, VNA would love to hear it!

Depending on the scale, timing, and type of your event, VNA can support its success in many ways:

  • Volunteers – More than 5,000 volunteers deliver Meals on Wheels or visit Hospice clients and families each year for VNA. For large events, VNA may be able to coordinate volunteer support for such activities as registration, set-up, and greeting responsibilities.
  • Marketing – Working closely with our Communications Team, VNA will ensure that your event is aligned with branding guidelines and all collateral pieces effectively incorporate usage of the name, logo, mission statement as appropriate. VNA’s social media networks and relationships may also be employed to publicize your event.
  • Recognition – VNA will work with event hosts to acknowledge key supporters and sponsors. This could include physical and/or digital publications.

Please contact VNA to discuss your event in advance of using the name, logo, or mission statement to publicize your event or pursue event sponsorship. A percentage of event proceeds should benefit VNA and/or the total contribution amount must be established in writing in advance of the event. Please know that VNA appreciates all offers of support, but some events may not align with VNA’s goals. As VNA hosts a number of large scale events throughout the year, staff and volunteer support for partner events may also be limited.

If you would like more information regarding hosting or sponsoring an event to benefit VNA, please contact Jennifer Atwood Austin, at (214) 689-2265 or jennifer.austin@vnatexas.org