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VNA’s Children’s Haven Pediatric Program is committed to providing excellent care to pediatric patients and their families, and to helping families to establish goals of care in line with their desires and individual needs.

VNA’s Children’s Haven is here to support patients and their families from prenatal care and support to 21 years of age, and we coordinate our care with your team of physicians as well as any other in-home care needed to best support our patients and families. Pediatric hospice allows patients and their families to have the support and care needed in the comfort of their own home, while maintaining their physician relationships, home healthcare and any other healthcare care needed to meet the goals of the patient and family. Care is provided through an interdisciplinary team approach based on our patient and family’s needs and wishes. Patients and families determine what the services they need, and this can fluctuate over time. We are here for you, wherever you are on your unique journey. Our specially trained registered nurse case managers, medical social workers, child life specialist, spiritual support, personal care aides, therapists and volunteers are here to help you navigate this difficult time, and we are available to you 24/7. We will communicate the plan of care with our patient’s physicians and other therapy services to ensure there is continuity of care and your care team is updated in real time of any changes to the plan. For our pediatric patients, we do a delicate dance, exploring exactly what the patient needs and the family’s health care goals.

Pediatric Hospice Team Roles

Social workers provides support to the family and patient. When facilitating discussions with them, I hear stories about the child, their medical journey, listen to their hopes, worries, and fears, discover the ways they cope, and learn about the people and things that bring them comfort and support. Providing support in any way it is needed, providing community resources, supporting difficult treatment decisions no matter what they are,and listening to them cry is what we are all about. We are here for you, to listen, to support, to help. Gail Meyer LCSW, VNA Director of Family Care Services.

We use our knowledge of child development and psychology to support children and their families through illness and medical procedures. We use art, music, books, exercise and other types of play to allow children to express how they feel about their illness. Ashley Kennedy LMSW.

The chaplain is skilled at coming alongside the child and family to provide spiritual care and support. This involves building trust and creating a safe place where they share their experience and can give voice to thoughts and feelings. The chaplain can address spiritual questions and concerns and can help them claim meaning and find hope, drawing on the spiritual resources that have been meaningful to them. Paul Ramler, VNA Chaplain.

Music therapy provides family-centered support by offering musical interactions, which can help with family coping and communication, comfort care, and with legacy work. The VNA care team includes board-certified music therapists, professionals who can adapt live music as needed and involve the patient and family in finding meaning in each moment and in creating lasting memories. Karen Sholander MT-BC, VNA Music Therapist.

Registered Nurses (RNs) are the main point of contact for our patients and families, and we provide clinical care and guidance alongside your hospice physician. Our nurses are available 24/7 to help with needs as they arise.  The patient’s dedicated RN also serves as the Care Coordinator and is responsible for overseeing the patient’s overall plan of care. Our nurses are trained in the art of symptom management and provide compassionate, hands-on care as well as education to parents and caregivers, and they work with any other in-home care that may be present.

-Olivia Rogers, RN, Chief Nursing Officer

The Hospice Physician is an invaluable member of the interdisciplinary hospice team. Our physicians provide the medical expertise to manage care in conjunction with your child’s healthcare team. Our doctors will work closely with your child’s other physicians and specialists to ensure that all team members are updated regularly and working together to establish the plan of care.

-Dr. Kelley Newcomer

At VNA, our Certified Hospice Aides help with bathing, grooming or other personal care services, and we serve to support our patients and their families in many different ways. We help with bathing, dressing and light housekeeping, but we also may help to get a person ready for a special event. Whatever the personal need may be, we help to provide comfort and dignity through personalized hands-on care.

-Lisa Catalano, CNA


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