Meet Aaron Richey

VNA’s Director of Meal Delivery Logistics and T20 Client Base Aaron Richey has spent his career solving problems and creating efficiencies to improve workflow, employee and client satisfaction and of course, the bottom line.  In this job, however; he says that “creating efficiencies in our work means we can feed more people,” Aaron says, “that’s paramount.” 

Aaron welcomes a good challenge and actively guides his team in solving issues that arise both with IT issues concerning the Meals on Wheels delivery app and the routing logistics in general. The management of these areas is a moving target, he explains, as the number of clients fluctuates daily, as do the number of volunteers. “It’s a juggling act every day—but one that I enjoy and find rewarding, “ he says. 

 In addition to the daily problem solving, Aaron is always working on a multitude of projects. He and his team are currently working on improving the internal pet routing process and, even though it’s June, he’s starting to prepare for the upcoming holiday delivery days. These are massive undertakings that take months to plan and organize, particularly with the unknowns like the unpredictability of the weather. As the number of Meals on Wheels clients on service continues to grow, he’s continually analyzing staffing, equipment and processes that can and likely will need to change.  It’s a task he enjoys.   

The VNA culture is important to Aaron and he values the tools given to him to do his job and do it well. “The flexibility, the ability to implement innovative solutions, the great team here…I love it here and I’ll never leave,” he says.   

 Aaron spends his free time with his wife, Elena and sons Myles (13) and Brooks (10). A regular at Home Depot, Aaron loves home repair projects and is currently remodeling his den and laundry rooms.