The Benefits of Hospice

“VNA Hospice Care improved my husband’s quality of life before he died. That was important to me. I was able to still communicate with my husband, and that was a great comfort to me.”

– Gayle
Loving Wife of a VNA Hospice Care Patient

Hospice can provide many advantages to the patient and his or her loved ones, including:

Individual care & support — Hospice offers expertise and support at the end of life, just as maternity specialists lend their skills and support at life’s beginning. Patients are attended by caring professionals who can offer guidance through every question and concern.

Extended life — Research* shows terminally ill patients who receive hospice often live longer and experience a higher quality of life than those who do not opt for hospice.

Emotional consideration for patient & caregivers — In addition to providing for the patient’s physical health and comfort, hospice also focuses on the emotional needs and spiritual well-being of the patient’s entire family or support group.

Making the most of time together — Hospice reduces anxiety during this sensitive period by helping patients and family members make the most of their remaining time together and aid them in achieving some level of peace and acceptance.

Reduced cost — Many people find in-home hospice provides financial relief when compared to the high costs of hospitals and traditional institutional care.

*National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization