COVID-19 Resources

Everyone is managing through this global pandemic — we do not have to manage it alone. Here are several useful and credible resources we have identified that may help you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID Vaccine Registration Information:

Mobile in-home vaccine resource for the City of Dallas

Dr. Mark Casanova shares informative perspective of Dallas County COVID-19 crisis. Read the PDF here.

Dallas County Covid-19 Updates:

Senior Source’s COVID-19 resource guide. The guide includes resources for seniors, including information on specific grocery store hours dedicated to seniors, and guidance for those who are caring for seniors during the pandemic.

For information on scams related to Covid-19 please read the following pdf. COVID-19-Top-Scams.pdf

Updated information from the CDC on Coronavirus in the United States can be found at:

The most recent information about Coronavirus in Texas may be found at:

Information from the World Health Organization may be found at:

Proper hand washing protocol may be found at:

VNA Screening Policies

Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention – COVID-19 Nursing-Homes Hospice

Printable stickers for families, schools and groups!×3-p.pdf

For VNA Partners

City of Dallas Testing Information:

Social Isolation Resources