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What to Expect

  • Before beginning care, a member of the VNA Hospice Care Team meets with the patient's personal physician(s) to discuss medical history, current physical symptoms and life expectancy.

  • After receiving an order from the patient's physician for hospice, a member of the VNA Hospice Care Team meets with both the patient and the family. They discuss how hospice works, what services are available and what you can expect. They will also discuss pain and comfort levels, support systems, financial and insurance resources, medications and equipment needs.

  • A Care Plan is carefully crafted for each patient. This plan is regularly reviewed and revised according to the patient's wishes and current condition.

  • Members of the VNA Hospice Care Team make regular visits to care for the patient and support the caregiver(s) throughout the hospice experience as needed.

  • Bereavement services and counseling are available to loved ones for a year or more after the patient's death.