Meals on Wheels, VNA of Texas and local first responders team up to vaccinate those in need

WFFA Channel 8 - 5:54 PM CDT August 3, 2021

The VNA of Texas told WFAA at least 30% of its clients are vaccinated, while 30% are hesitating and 30% are left wondering how to get it.

DALLAS — In different parts of the country, like New York, fitness centers and other locations are starting to ask for proof of a vaccination card. Here in the Dallas area, there are still thousands and thousands of people that are still not vaccinated, and they don’t know how to go about getting a shot.

Patricia lives in West Dallas, and she said she depends on her meals from Meals on Wheels every day.

“I love when they have the little snacks in the bag because I love sweets,” Patricia said.

But with her diabetes and underlying health conditions, the 57-year-old knows how to take care of her body.

“I’ve had two brain surgeries, four tumors and two strokes. It’s been kind of a tough go,” Patricia said.

And, she said she made sure to get vaccinated because the Delta variant has a bad reputation and no one knows what it will do next.

But getting out of the house is extremely difficult.

“I’m home-bound,” Patricia said.

On Tuesday, Meals on Wheels, the Visiting Nurse Association of Texas and local first responders teamed up, and showed up at her doorstep, and got her vaccinated.

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