As I come up the walk and ring the bell, I am a living message that today will be all right.

For some, I am a hot meal and a warm friendship, as dependable as the sunrise and as steady as clockwork.

For others, I am comfort in life’s dark hours and courage in the face of its ultimate mystery.

For many, I am a source of independence and pride, the means not merely to live but to live on one’s own terms.

I am stability in times of upheaval and encouragement amid uncertainty.

I am influential, a voice of authority on the issues of aging and an innovator of graceful solutions.

When I care for one individual, I strengthen a family, a neighborhood, and a community.

I am the soul of compassion and the embodiment of “professional,” a heart for those who wish to age with dignity and the hands that make it possible.

I have been tested by time, tried by adversity, and proven by perseverance.

I am a gift time cannot diminish and infirmity cannot steal—I am dignity.

I am VNA.