Delivering Joy, Brings Joy

Hear from VNA Meals on Wheels volunteer, Kishore, about why he is committed to giving back.

Volunteers are at the very heart of all we do here at the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) and we could not do our important work without the thousands of dedicated individuals who donate their time each year. VNA Meals on Wheels volunteer Kishore feels strongly about giving back and during COVID, he began his journey with VNA. “…as a human being I believe everyone should give back in some form or another.” Giving back is what VNA Meals on Wheels volunteer Kishore has been doing for decades. Tornado clean up, food pantries, and more—his many years of volunteering have taken him all over the world, but he only recently found his way to VNA Meals on Wheels. Having delivered his route for a year, Kishore doesn’t plan on stopping!

Kishore says he enjoys connecting with others and knows how important it can be. When he saw the opportunity to volunteer with Meals on Wheels, he committed to delivering a route once a week. “I have the physical ability and I can make some time,” he said. Kishore finds joy in delivering and said the “feeling of being very helpful” keeps him coming back. He has enjoyed getting to know the clients on his route and can see the appreciation on their faces when he delivers. One of his clients, Miss Patricia, is always smiling when she comes to the door. “You can sense the gratitude in her smile,” Kishore said.

Initially, Kishore didn’t think he had the time to commit to VNA Meals on Wheels but was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t take him long to deliver a route. “We all have the same 24 hours in the day! Have an open mind and give it a try. If you want to do it, you can do it!”

If you’d like to become a VNA Meals on Wheels Volunteer Click Here.