Meet Kevin Moore, Senior Hospice Chaplain

Kevin Moore, Senior VNA Texas Hospice Chaplain

For Senior Hospice Chaplain, Kevin Moore, sitting with families in the midst of a crisis is all part of the job.  

The former church pastor joined the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) in 2015 and has found his true calling.  Moore may visit a patient once, or he may visit them regularly for a year. He says that at the core of his work is building a trusting relationship with the patients and their families.  In building trust, he believes compassion is key. “I can’t fix it, I can’t explain it, I can’t offer magical words, but I’m going to sit right next to them and let them know we’re in this together,” he says.  

Providing support to patients and families is Moore’s number one priority.  He says, “I have no agenda whatsoever and because of that, I might find myself reading scripture or saying prayers and talking about fears of death and dying one day and discussing relationship issues or reminiscing about the past the next. Moore says he may have  a friendly conversation about sports, gardening, or race cars, or the conversation may be more serious as he helps many patients recall a significant memory or time in their lives. He explains this type of intentional conversation helps bring a sense of accomplishment to their lives.   

When he’s not caring for patients, Kevin is at home with his family which consists of his wife, three biological children, one adopted child and one foster child. The Moore family has a big place in their heart for children having fostered eleven  children in their home over the years.  He is also a Texas sports fanatic and a loyal Baylor Bear fan. You’ll find him shuttling his children to sports games and practices and watching sports whenever he has a chance!