VNA Palliative Care -

Hospice Care

VNA Care Choices

Supportive Care and Flexible Treatment

Following the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness, you will likely have many questions and your needs may change. VNA is offering a new service in the continuum of care while providing additional support services to you or your loved one. Patients receive supportive care while keeping flexibility with treatment decisions. Our expert staff will also help you and your family navigate the medical system, weigh options and communicate with your physicians.

Freedom of Choice

VNA Care Choices provides supportive care services in the home. Patients may continue to receive curative treatment from other Medicare providers while utilizing this program.

The program gives patients and families greater control in care decisions. You will have access to a dedicated care team to manage pain and other symptoms along with spiritual, social and emotional support. Your care team will include the following professionals:

  • Nurse
  • Dedicated social worker
  • Chaplain
  • Volunteers
  • Aides

Customized Care

VNA Care Choices offers a variety of services tailored to meet your individual needs to increase quality of life.

This new approach provides care coordination and supportive services in the home without discontinuing other treatment options. Your continued care along with VNA’s supportive services will improve patient outcomes through the following:

  • Supportive care services provided in a traditional home setting
  • RN care coordination
    • Navigate patient-centered goals
    • Facilitate communication between you and care providers regarding treatment options
  • 24/7 nurse access for triage services
  • Bridging into hospice care if you decide you no longer want curative treatment


Patients may be eligible for the VNA Care Choices program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Diagnosis of CHF, COPD, HIV/AIDS, end-stage cancer, end-stage liver disease, or other endstage pulmonary disease
  • Terminal diagnosis with a prognosis of six months of life or fewer (there is no penalty to the physician or the patient if the patient lives longer than six months)
  • Enrolled in either a traditional or managed Medicare plan
  • Living in a traditional home, assisted living or nursing facility


For more information, call Sarah Harris, at (214) 535-2615, email