Testimonials from Our Hospice Care Patients & Their Loved Ones

It’s my personal opinion that nurses are the most under-rated members of the medical profession. So I am taking this opportunity to boost all of you a little bit. This contribution is all that I can muster for this year, but I wanted you all to know that somebody values your work very much. Hope all of you survive the scourge that we are facing; God knows that you are in the front lines.

My best to all of you.

Very truly yours,

William Ives

William, Family Member

I was very impressed with VNA’s professionalism during our meeting in the hospital.

Mr. E, Brother

We only had VNA Hospice 1 day in the hospital, but I really appreciated how chaplain Paul let her talk. He was such a nice person. He helped me.

Mrs. M, Wife

Everyone from hospice was as nice as could be. I really appreciated everyone taking care of my aunt; I have been taking care of her since 2009 and it was wonderful to have the help at the end. 

Niece of Mrs E, Niece

The nurses were phenomenal, and my mother really wanted to be home; she was so much happier at home. I also really like Sandy, who came to the hospital and signed her up.

Tinny, Daughter of Patient

I cannot say enough good things about VNA and I’m very appreciative. The home health aide Hugo came out to help my husband and we became buddies before it was over. I was so impressed with Luz and very well pleased with the rest of the hospice service people.

Mrs M, Wife of Mr. B

Thank you so much to everyone involved in Justin’s care! You made the last week of his life so much easier on us, his family. We will forever be grateful for the wonderful care he received, the support we received, the genuine kindness from each and every person that was shown to our entire family. Thank you again for walking us through a very bittersweet time.

Lisa, Family Member

“Hospice was a true blessing for Ross and I. I thank you for taking such good care of him while he was able to have final wishes fulfilled. Every single person that came into the house was absolutely wonderful. All of you are the best of the best and I thank you for that. All my love to all of you for helping me take care of Ross.”
VNA Texas Hospice Testimonials

Paulette, Wife of Patient

“We transferred my father to VNA as I was not at all liking the service he had. He was getting worse from bone cancer and metastasis to the brain. I am a nurse and have always heard great things about VNA.

He was started on service at my sister’s the week before he became totally incapacitated and was moved to my home for care. His nurse, Bobbie, could not have been more caring and helpful. She arranged immediate transfer and two hours before he came–the hospital bed, oxygen, and all his needs were met and set up. The gentlemen that set up his equipment were patient and quick.

I wish I could say he lasted a few weeks, but he died after four days. He had a meal with me in the kitchen on Saturday then went to bed and didn’t get up. He died on Tuesday. Within a few hours, he was gone. Hugo had washed and shaved him – he looked so clean and comfortable.

I don’t know what I would have done without Bobbie. She and Hugo are God’s angels on earth. I will never forget them. Thank you and much love to both.”

Cyndy, Daughter of a Patient

My 94-year-old mother currently suffers with Alzheimer’s. She can no longer put words together to make a complete sentence. She is bed bound and spends quite a bit of time sleeping. However, when the music therapist, Karen, comes by to sing to her and to play music for her, a light goes on somewhere in her mind and makes her come alive again. She may not know the words, but she responds in such a way that lets me know she is trying to make a connection. I make sure Mom has had breakfast and is in her geri-chair so she can get the full benefit of the music Karen plays and the songs being sung to her. To see this change come over my mother is, to say the least, remarkable and heartwarming.

My mother loved to sing to us. Music was always a big part of our life and it shows on my mother’s face when she hears familiar songs. Quite often the CNA taking care of my mom will ask to speak to Karen after her visit about a patient she thinks would benefit from a session.

To those of us who take care of loved ones with devastating illness, music therapy is a blessing for the patients. Where an individual may be unresponsive, restless and/or agitated, music provides a calming influence and lets them connect with a world that has sometimes left their memory. The softness of a strummed guitar, feeling the vibration on the guitar itself, the sometimes forgotten tune that elicits a memory in the back of our minds is a powerful aid during the waning of life.

If I could, I would fill each patient’s life with the individual attention Karen gives in her sessions with hospice patients. It is a blessing that needs to be seen. I am so very grateful for this particular service that the VNA hospice provides.

Virginia, Daughter

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