Testimonials from Our Hospice Care Patients & Their Loved Ones

I wanted to let you know about the support and care provided by your on-call RN Damita Ware. She was exceptional last night and was a great help to me. We had two patients to convert to inpatient hospice that had extremely complicated family dynamics. Damita was a trooper and stayed until almost midnight to assist hospital staff with the conversion process, along with supporting the families during an emotional time. Damita is an excellent representative of VNA and I am grateful for her assistance.

Palliative Care Discharge Planner

During our relationship with VNA, we were involved with Richard, Fatima, Amanda, Jasmine, Kevin, Nicole and Paula. To a person, they were all friendly, professional and caring. We felt like we were in the hands of real, caring people all along the way.

I have to say that our nurse, Amanda Pyles, was incredible! Completely knowledgeable and professional and at the same time, she had such a loving, helpful demeanor toward us and my wife’s Mom. She listened as we asked questions. She answered all of our questions completely and added information that she knew we would need but didn’t know to ask for!

Amanda explained to us what the dying process was like and what we could expect to see along the way. In every detail, she was right! Amazing!

Because Amanda taught us so well, our fears were minimized and we were able to better care for my wife’s Mom. She really educated us and I felt she was our partner in caring for my mother-in-law. We deeply appreciate it!

In my ignorance, I had been skeptical, even cynical about hospice care. Our experience with VNA has given me a great respect and admiration for people who work in hospice care. More than one of your employees who we dealt with described their work as a calling.

My wife’s Mom passed during Amanda’s last visit. Amanda was so gentle and loving in her speech and work, especially on that day. How could we ever hope for anyone better?

All this to say, “Thank you,” from the deepest places in our hearts. A special ‘Thank you’ to Erin for recommending VNA.


Mark and Betsy

Mark and Betsy

It’s my personal opinion that nurses are the most under-rated members of the medical profession. So I am taking this opportunity to boost all of you a little bit. This contribution is all that I can muster for this year, but I wanted you all to know that somebody values your work very much. Hope all of you survive the scourge that we are facing; God knows that you are in the front lines.

My best to all of you.

Very truly yours,

William, Family Member

William, Family Member

I was very impressed with VNA’s professionalism during our meeting in the hospital.

Mr. E, Brother

We only had VNA Hospice 1 day in the hospital, but I really appreciated how chaplain Paul let her talk. He was such a nice person. He helped me.

Mrs. M, Wife

Everyone from hospice was as nice as could be. I really appreciated everyone taking care of my aunt; I have been taking care of her since 2009 and it was wonderful to have the help at the end. 

Niece of Mrs E, Niece

The nurses were phenomenal, and my mother really wanted to be home; she was so much happier at home. I also really like Sandy, who came to the hospital and signed her up.

Tinny, Daughter of Patient

I cannot say enough good things about VNA and I’m very appreciative. The home health aide Hugo came out to help my husband and we became buddies before it was over. I was so impressed with Luz and very well pleased with the rest of the hospice service people.

Mrs M, Wife of Mr. B

Thank you so much to everyone involved in Justin’s care! You made the last week of his life so much easier on us, his family. We will forever be grateful for the wonderful care he received, the support we received, the genuine kindness from each and every person that was shown to our entire family. Thank you again for walking us through a very bittersweet time.

Lisa, Family Member

“Hospice was a true blessing for Ross and I. I thank you for taking such good care of him while he was able to have final wishes fulfilled. Every single person that came into the house was absolutely wonderful. All of you are the best of the best and I thank you for that. All my love to all of you for helping me take care of Ross.”
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Paulette, Wife of Patient

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