Testimonials From Families & Supporters

“I got involved with VNA because I didn’t have much growing up, but we were always taught to give back. These clients are like my family. They need help and I’m here to give back. Another one of my clients, Greg, struggled to get to the doctor for back problems. I walked in one day, and there he was laying on the floor. He said he couldn’t make it to the doctor because he didn’t have money for a taxi cab. That’s not right. I told him to not cancel his appointments, I would personally take him. These people are like my family. They need help and I am here to give back.”

Kenny, Meals on Wheels Volunteer

Marie was in her early 80s when she started receiving Meals On Wheels. Alone, and without any family, she lived in a small apartment by herself. Her friend Doris would come and visit with her a few times a week to help with basic chores.
Doris reminisces about her time spent with Marie, “She would be so happy to tell me about the volunteers, especially one volunteer who would bring her children from time to time. It was the highlight of her day, having company.” Marie would sit by the door to make sure she would hear the knock, until Doris was able to get her a cordless doorbell.
Doris and Marie would go to the store and help get her out of the house, but living by herself in her own home was something Marie wanted.
Marie unfortunately passed away two years ago, but Doris continues to remember the times they spent together.
“I’ll continue to give to VNA because of Marie and your help. VNA does an incredible job.”

Doris, Marie’s Friend

“I support VNA because they were such a major help to my mother while she was ill. I also support VNA because of the Meals on Wheels service they provide for people and their pets. Meals on Wheels is probably the most valuable and needed service they offer. God Bless you for all you do.”

Judy, Daughter of a Patient & Meals on Wheels Volunteer

“I got involved because I saw the need. We as a community have the ability to give to those that don’t have what we have. I have really built a relationship with one of my clients who has really opened up to me, she is so sweet and gives me advice as a grandmother. She also tells me about her medical conditions, and that helps me know if she needs any additional help.”

Caterrias, Meals on Wheels Volunteer

“VNA was wonderful after my mom passed away and my dad wanted to stay in the house. They’ve always made sure he had a healthy meal during the day while I was at work. The volunteers would visit with him. Thank you for all you do and for all of your volunteers.”

Krista, Daughter of a Meals on Wheels Client

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