Testimonials from VNA Meals on Wheels Clients & Their Loved Ones

“The people who deliver are so nice. I look forward to their visit. They are usually the only people I see. I enjoy seeing them.”

VNA Meals on Wheels Client

Bless all of you for the very needed services! Have a blessed 2023!

Marceline, VNA Meals on Wheels Client

“As a member of the meals program for senior citizens, I would ask that you pass along my highest compliments to the Dallas Visiting Nurse Association for their hard work in keeping the meals to seniors alive and moving despite all the hardships of the VIRUS has caused them and overcoming all of these in a MAGNIFICENT manner.

Their selfless work in putting together meals in special packaging is nothing short of AMAZING. Their work to provide totally healthy meals is also amazing. Please provide them my highest compliments.”

Jim, VNA Meals on Wheels Client

“VNA has become a big part of what Texas means to me. VNA Texas helps to ensure that our state is caring for those Texans who are not entirely able to care for themselves. Those who volunteer to deliver our Meals on Wheels are very selfless and kind, and I always look forward to their visits. Texas, please keep this invaluable program up and running with adequate funding and support!”

Carol, VNA Meals on Wheels Client

“VNA was wonderful after my mom passed away and my dad wanted to stay in the house. They’ve always made sure he had a healthy meal during the day while I was at work. The volunteers would visit with him. Thank you for all you do and for all of your volunteers.”

Krista, Daughter of a VNA Meals on Wheels Client

“It’s hard for me to sit home. I’ve always been real busy, but I can’t do all that anymore. I’m happy for the daily company, but it means more than that, too. I don’t have to worry, and it’s a big help to my boys to know I get a good meal. I get to see somebody every day. VNA Meals on Wheels is a real blessing to us all.”

Virginia, VNA Meals on Wheels Client

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